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The message of Colorful is that people are three-dimensional.
Color was an incredibly underwhelming movie.

One of the best movies ever
Looks good, never heard of it before.

Somehow the art style is really appealing.
This. My friend cried like a bitch to this but didn't to Grave of the Fireflies. Confirmed for shit feels.
>implying anything but our physical bodies is 3D
>implying our souls are 3D
>implying a 3D soul can overlap a 3D body
>not implying souls are 4D beings attached to scrawny 3D flesh suits
>implying Colourful wasn't preachy as furak
What a disgusting message.
Amazing movie. Need to rewatch.
it's about a kid learning about life and people, of course he's going to learn things we grown ups already know. Hell, some real grown men still stigmatize people
A Letter To My 15 Year Old Self


Dear you, who's reading this letter
Where are you and what are you doing?
For my 15 year old self, I can't tell anyone
About the causes of my worries

If I wrote a letter addressed to my future self
Surely I can speak truthfully from my heart

Now, it seems I'm going to be defeated and cry
For me who seems to disappear
Who's words should I believe in?
This one-and-only heart of mine
Has been broken many times
But in the midst of the pain, I live in the present
I live in the present

Dear you, thank you
I have something I want to tell the 15 year old you
If you continue asking where you should go and why
You'll see the answer

The stormy seas of youth may be hard
But keep rowing your boat of dreams
On towards the shores of tomorrow
so cowboy bebop
many tears
best episode ever
The message is that you're a faggot.
File: COLORFULL[1].jpg (806.16 KB, 1600x1074)
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806.16 KB JPG
Make way. Superior Colorful coming through.
>implying souls exist
Space Dandy of our generation
The message of colorful is that attempted suicide apparently stops bullying in japan.

Seriously this movie went wrong on so many levels. Nippons have no idea what to do with their problems. It's assburgers all the way down.

At least we got some qt shota angel.

Bullying was never a theme
>The message of colorful is that
How is this a good movie? What exactly makes a good movie to you?

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