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Season 3 when?
Why is the manga only translated up to volume 2?
Live action sucks donkey balls.
Also moyashimon thread.
>Season 3 when?
>Why is the manga only translated up to volume 2?
Because nobody wants to translate and typeset giant walls of text about microbiology. Actually I would love to translate it but I can't clean/typeset/etc for shit
>Live action sucks donkey balls.
I haven't watched it so I can't comment
Did it flop? Also I think DelRey translated the first 2 volumes but why did they stop?
Well Del Rey is dead now, for one thing. So my guess is that Kodansha doesn't think it's worth translating.
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Welp. That's a shame. This is the only manga I know that focuses on microbiology and the premise is pretty interesting. I guess I need to learn moonrunes.
Isn't season 2 shit? Also A. Niger confirmed for moe.
It was a bit dragging due to the very long France arc and they also skipped a lot of different chapters but overall I think it was pretty meh.
>dead official translation
>even deader scanlation
>S2 so bad no company will ever touch it again

Such a shame, too.
No more shit than S1, there was just a lot of retards screaming about
I don't know about the likelihood for a third season, but we'll see something soon with the manga coming to an end. Either that or an accouncement with the final volume release.
So translate it!
All you have to do it post a few chapters of the raws with the text and state in the OP that you are looking for a cleaner and typesetter.

Provide now, hope for help later. At least the material will be there when someone can offer assistance.
>Why is the manga only translated up to volume 2?

Basically, the translator would have to be a Japanese authority on microbiology to translate it accurately. It's either that or he would have to slave away with published Japanese papers and works for reference on and at that point he would be better off actually using his time to get a degree in the subject.
Even if the manga had changed, it felt like a reduction in quality. The lack of variety in S2 was the real killer for me. I liked it plenty but it did drag. More seemed to happen first time around.

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