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>Plot holes everywhere
>Bad pacing (mostly in S1)
>Character motivations are weird and inconsistent
>Dorssians all have retarded names

Yet somehow I enjoyed almost every episode. Why?
Because of your shit taste.
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It's the same for me anon, I really enjoyed it, still don't know why though.
The S1's pacing is great. S2 has a terrible and irregular rhythm.
Really? I found S1 to be sporadic, jumping from one plot point to another with characters instantly coming to terms with drastic changes. Whereas by S2 most of the key elements have been introduced and therefore most of the season felt like it was building toward something.
Because you were so desperate for another trainwreck as glorious as Code Geass that you deluded yourself into thinking it was that good.
It would be a medicre anime if it did not have a break between season.
The break killed momentum from first season.
S2's pacing was abysmal and the reason everything was so shit. They dragged the landing and Marie shit out and then shoved Lieselotte into a single episode and everything regarding Shoko was crammed into 4 minutes total, including her non-existent character development.
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>The S1's pacing is great.
It would have been shit regardless f the break or not. First season was horrid.
In comparison to S2 at least.

>Anything I don't like and/or that doesn't get explained is a plot hole
>Pacing I don't like is bad pacing
>Motivations I don't like are weird and inconsistent
>Names I don't like are retarded

Her character development was at the end of S1
You're an idiot.

Your mom is ugly.

Code Geass wasn't that though, while this is more fitting of the term.
You would know.

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