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File: winter 2014.jpg (19.70 KB, 429x159)
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Anybody else have days where there's nothing new to watch?
No because I'm not a babby who only watches a handful of shows.
It's called a backlog. Get working on it.
There's always stuff to watch, I just have days when I can't be arsed.
File: 1342975529563.png (246.44 KB, 358x455)
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>not watching every show that airs every season
Watch old stuff then.
My backlog will never end.

It's winter, the ideal time to get on your backlog.

>watching shit
>forcing yourself to watch shit
Sunday: space dandy, tonari no seki kun, noragami, nobunaga the fool, witch craft works

Monday: yowamushi pedal, toaru hikuushi, d-frag


Wednesday: chuunibyou 2

Thursday: kill la kill, golden time, nagi no asukara, pupa, mahou sensou

Friday: pupipo

Saturday: log horizon, nisekoi, seitokai yakuindomo
File: weekly.jpg (63.32 KB, 1362x163)
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My of my seasons are bulked on Thursdays and Saturdays, occasionally Sunday. It's kinda strange how it's so consistent like that.
My problem is the opposite of yours, OP.
Holy shit the weekends this season, eight or so new episodes each day.
File: 1373162639457.jpg (186.48 KB, 600x922)
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>there are people on /a/ right now who are watching less that 20 shows per season
even when there are shows to watch what do you do for the other 20+ hours of the day?
I pick up everything that airs and drop like 80% of them after 3 or 4 episodes every season

>On Saturday

Real fucking funny.
and they're all subbed right then and there? wow the modern era rules doesn't it
I pick up 5-6 shows after careful consideration and don't drop any. Measure twice and cut once, nigger.
Work, fap, sleep, eat, shit, browse /a/.
Especially the last one.
The other days I'm busy discussing the shows I watch.
I'm skipping out on most of the shows this season to work on my backlog. Enjoying it so far.
File: 2460.jpg (108.44 KB, 1920x1080)
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>Not watching D-Frag/Pilots Love song/Super Sonico.
OP what the fuck are you doing?
Work on that grammar.
not with my backlog.
I have too much to watch and yet I spend so little time doing that every day.
On the other side of the world so this reflects when I actually see the subs come out.
Monday: Buddy Complex, Nobunagun, The Fool, Noragami, SYD, Sekai Seifuku, Gundam
Friday-Nagi no Asukara
Saturday-Log Horizon
Sunday-Ace of Diamond, Ippo.
But I have the lowest possible standards.
I just watched it now. I think I can tolerate a Monday release by UTW if they can be consistent. Otherwise I only have one show on Mondays and Wednesdays.
Wednesday has always been a day where few anime air while Thursday tends to be so loaded that I have to relegate some shows for a few days.
Vacancies are taken by finished shows and irregular releases. My current rate is at least 5 episodes a day.
>endless backlog
>no motivation to watch anything
this must be hell
The only shows I picked up are Chuuni, Seki-kun and that 3 minute psychotic onee-san show.
Huh, I picked up those and the saikin imouto one. I usually don't pick up much.
File: 1367982204262.gif (974.10 KB, 515x461)
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I'm currently in a position where I can pick up a lot of shows but I'm not doing it.

What is wrong with me.
>only watching two full shows
>ImoCho is one of them
Anon, you are living your life incorrectly.
HxH is tuesday.
File: 1328394842605.gif (1 MB, 320x336)
1 MB
Fuck yeah it is.
>not watching everything
Quite the opposite, internet was down for 3 days for me and now I have about 10 shows I need to catch up on. It's eating in to my backlog time
For some reason I can't decide on what to watch this season. Stuck on two and maybe soon a third series this season.

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