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Should I really dox this redwood mod?
+didn't ban me for the last thread
-let naruto become rampant in /a/
+he deletes the loli pedo threads.
+spends some of his time cleaning up the garbage on the board away from his home board /co/.
-is a tripfag
+sexy fit beast
-doesn't delete recommendation or request threads
+loves KLK and SNK and cleans up the threads of shitposting

I think I can compile enough info based on his tumblrs,reddit account,deviantart and /co/ gift threads in the archives.

Here's a poll to decide his fate.

Letting this have one more go before I decide to dox him or not.
It's majorly in favor of doxxing right now so if you don't want him doxxed vote now.
He doesnt like KlK.

Hes deleting threads but leaving threads such as:

up, even though its obvious shitposting.
Even this.
Did "doxing" ever accomplish anything, ever? Nice job shitting the board up even further with meta garbage, by the way.
redwood is just retarded?
Please do if you are capable.
>+he deletes the loli pedo threads.
>+sexy fit beast
>+loves KLK and SNK and cleans up the threads of shitposting
>strawpoll to top it off
Dox yourself first, you're just as bad.
alright deciding to go with the dox but first I need some beauty sleep

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