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What's this i see?A new JoJo chapter?

JoJolion thread
i don't have time to dump the whole chapter

Barely any of the pages show up for me. Is it working for anyone else?
Same issue. Batoto weird like that
it's like that when the whole chapter isn't uploaded

it's gonna be alright in 10-ish minutes
It finally works. Not much happened in the chapter though.
"A stand is like your asshole"
I still think the old man is up to something.
what happened between pages 6 and 7?
It's an error. That seventh page is a copy of one from later on in the chapter
this stand is so similar to that of the muslim girl in part 3
the more i read this chapter, the more i want to know what in the shit is with this guys stand.
cause he can both localize gravity to a point AND jump around in shadows.
thats some bullshit endboss style stand user if i've seen one.
also forgot to mention, i think he may also be the cause of josukes memory problems.
how is that?

i think Jo2ukes memory problems are from the combining alone (when you mix blue and yellow you get green,not a hint of blue or yellow remains)
It's like poetry.
I feel like this arc is going to be a big turning point in the story. There's just so much going on.
File: gunna carry that weight.jpg (123.19 KB, 900x582)
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123.19 KB JPG
This was the chapter in which I finally caught up with JoJo. Took my time enjoying it from last summer... hold me /a/.

Part 8 is gr8 so far
So this other dude is clearly a serial killer as well, and Kira found out.

But clearly this dude didn't kill Kira.
It sure is.

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