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I got through 2 episodes of this shit and all I can say is forced romance.

All girls except Sora have hardly any reason for liking this guy apart from the fact that it's implied he's good looking. That's a very weak reason for the rapid rate at which his involvement with them proceeds.

Not only is there forced romance, but there is also an excessive amount of forced pandering and other poorly executed cliches that make this feel like a forced adaption. Unless of course the VN was this shit as well, in which case it would just be a shit adaption of a shit VN.

For its poorly executed and often tasteless fanservice, the forced pacing and a horrible use of media cliches, I give this series an 6/10 for the sheer fact that the main pairing was realistic and not forced.

Sasuga DEEN.
Do you get a penny every time you say forced?
Jesus...go to MAL with your "review", your retarded use of spoilers alone is enough to discard your cancerous post.
I've made 10 dollars forceposting over the internet so far. I think this show is indisputably bad though.
I agree with you pretty much entirely, but I still manage to hate you and your post.
>sage because this thread shouldn't bump
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Pic related

I agree with you entirely. Same reason I dropped the show around where you did too.
But I went and read the episode synopsis and it sounds potentially mildly interesting. Still wouldn't pick it back up.

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