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Do anime females ever scare you? Do they intimidate you and make you anxious or depressed? Do they remind you of the high school girls who bullies you?

I've been finding that, recently, I have to pause some anime because the females cause me to start having panic attacks. I self-insert too hard into the MC, but unlike my life experiences, the girls talk to him, so, unable to don the MC's confidence and personality traits, I begin to feel uneasy.

Has this ever happened to you? What's the best way to resolve this problem?
You just need to nut up and get laid bro. Women aint nothing tricky.
Whenever I try getting with a woman, even a prostitute, my dick shrivels up in fear.
Happens to me a lot too, OP.
I have real problem being alone with real women because of the many terrible beatings my mom did to me. Anime women never frighten me. It does prevent me from having meaningful relationships with real women.

Sadly for problems like these there is no easy fix, as they are deep emotional scars The best you can do is seek professional therapy.
When I was a teenager, sure. Nowadays every woman in my life makes me miserable because they don't compare to 2D. So I just get mad.

That's why you only watch cute slice-of-life shows with all-girl casts. Then you don't have to worry about self-inserting or girls talking to buys.
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>What's the best way to resolve this problem?
Stop blogging, for one.
It's anime-related.
This is the best thread on /a/ right now.
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Just stop self-inserting.
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