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Holy shit this guy, this guy is a true man. Seriously, in a show where almost all the actions the main characters make are horribly upsetting, this guy just... just makes it all better. Sure, he loses his shit when the love of his life dies, but then L-Elf comes and tells him to git gud, then what does he do? He goes and practices getting gud, fucking amazing. I realize he still wasn't gud at that time, but his willingness to try was great. I actually have to finish this, I just watched the one where he died but so far this was so great I had to express my fondness for his character. If I was gay or female, this guy would be my husbando.
You are a faggot.

That's all.
Wow, that was quick. Well, okay Anon, thanks for stopping by.
I hope he didn't die a virgin.
You now realise almost every time Aina-chan is shown, she's being affectionate towards Haruto or giving him longing stares.

Everything he fought for was a lie.
Bullshit, she came back from wherever the hell these guys go when they ________DIE________ to tell him keep fighting.
Anyway, why you gotta hate, dog?
I'm pretty sure that place is called imagination-land.

The vision was just his own realisation that she wouldn't want him to seppuku.
Nah, man. In a world with all that magic n' shit, I wouldn't doubt this is beyond the realm of possibility, you know?

Yeah alright I guess so.

Still, she appears for Haruto also, and not wanting someone to die isn't exactly proof of love.

Pretty sure she'd do that for anyone trying to die for her.
Okay, you have a point, I'll give you that one. Still, that's just my personal interpretation of that incident. I think she loved him, but overall, yeah, she was a generally nice person.

Aina was confirmed to feel nothing for Haruto except friendship. Stop projecting your NTR fantasy.
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He was good, but seriously underdeveloped. I'm not sure they cared about characters who weren't called L-Elf. Haruto was developed but he was awful.

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