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Whats the dumbest thing you've ever heard an anime fan say about anime? Can be online or IRL.

I was in a food court and once overheard someone say, "Yeah I watch a ton of anime, like a season every single day. And my favorite anime is Toradora."
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I've heard a few people say they legitimately enojyed sakurasou no pet na kanajo, despite the fact that it's deplorable shit.
I've heard someone call Pet Kanojo complete shit when it's an instant classic.
Instant classic in the boring category?
Everyone knew how it is going to end just seeing a trailer for it. Why bother with the boring ride?
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>"Aquarion is better than ALL the Gundam"

I mean some were decent but not all are shit.
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>liking an anime you don't like

How dare they!
Some guy I was getting along with said SAO was a shoujo anime.
I decided not to talk to him about anime anymore.
Aquarion better than 79
Aquarion better than Zeta
Aquarion better than 08th MS
Aquarion better than War in the Pocket
Aquarion better than Turn A

Aquarion is alright though, can't say it was award wining as far as mecha shows go though.
Hate it when that happens.
>meet cool friend
>hang out
>talk about anime
>he like kyoani moeshit and SnK

I mean I dont let it ruin a friendship but it sucks that we cant really talk about anime.

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