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It could have elaborated the time she spent with Galileo more, but I hear the anime was cut short due to problems(?) Oh well.

Also meh end. But the twist that Galileo's love letter was for Hozuki was nice.

7/10 I guess.

> Piraragi only kept half his promise
I'm upset about this.
Wasted potential imo
Me too. But they had to end the series then and there.

My head canon tells me that he kept the other half of his promise in the future when energy isn't a problem anymore.
Does anyone know exactly what cut the series off? I can't find any articles about it.
It was a fun ride, but the crapshoot ending completely leveled the entire deal.
The finale left me feeling like I completely wasted my time, not giving anything to take home, nor even closing the story to any satisfying degree. It seems the only aspect they were able to achieve wrapping up was Galileo's letter.

Just imagine what we saw of the series and fully flesh things out.
Ok but do you or anyone know what cut the series in half? A1 should be bankin' even if the sales weren't too stupendous.
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Well... crunchyroll DO have a lot of rushed endings... right?
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And we still have a Galileo this season.
Who the heck are they?
Beats me. I just started watching.
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>But the twist that Galileo's love letter was for Hozuki was nice.
That was bullshit. They build up everything around that mystery just to be fucking that. The moment she want back in time I knew they were going to pull that and it was a big fuck you and a waste of time.
I'd guess not, the word is as far as it being a planned 2-cour series abruptly reduced to one.
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>not immediately dropping an anime where a 10 year old loli builds a fighter pilot shaped like a goldfish, complete with an AI and guns, in her basement.
>>not immediately picking up an anime where a 10 year old loli builds a fighter pilot shaped like a goldfish, complete with an AI and guns, in her basement.
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11 episodes is way too short.

One of the episodes was where they randomly crashed and found a piece of it.

Lets not get started on the ending where he got shot coming out of court, Also no Bambina kiss with Cicinho.
File: 1359879654.jpg (61.11 KB, 500x350)
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>11 episodes is way too short
Dragging all this retardation any further would have been a crime.
>he got shot coming out of court
No evil go unpunished forever. No matter how dumb it turns out.
>Also no Bambina kiss with Cicinho
Go choke on a dick you shipper filth.
when did IGN start reviewing anime
use a rating system for adults, out of 5 please
To be honest, I would rather have a story about a sisters traveling together due to a certain circumstances that is not so serious while solving the issue with them.
The world fuel shortage issue would be a nice background, but drop those military, corporation or pirate shit.
File: madmitty.jpg (75.89 KB, 474x628)
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wow where the fuck do i even start with that ending

i have literally never raged so hard at an ending

the fucking villain shoots his dad for no odd reason. he was still a villain the last time we left off. he literally received no characterization that would have hinted otherwise.

everything was wrapped up in 2 seconds of exposition. it was literally asspulls and bullshit for the latter 3 minutes of the episode where they tried to neatly tie up everything with what little budget they had left. i hope to god that this show suffered from production problems and that's why it ended the way it did because jesus christ, they fucked around for 10 episodes and had that payoff? it was like they completely wasted our time. so much ruined potential

4/10 only because the op was kick ass, the girls were cute, and it had decent animation/artwork. otherwise, this show can suck my fucking dick
+10 Hozukis character design and personality
+5 other character designs
+5 basic idea
+20 transcendental incest romance
-50 execution of the show
-1000 court episode

In summary: -1010/10

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