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File: freezing.jpg (195.39 KB, 850x932)
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195.39 KB JPG
>This is an anime about humans fighting off aliens
File: freezing2.jpg (684.32 KB, 850x1241)
684.32 KB
684.32 KB JPG
>epic battle scene
File: freezing4.png (1.09 MB, 850x971)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
>deep and complex character relationships
File: freezing6.jpg (803.45 KB, 4000x2500)
803.45 KB
803.45 KB JPG
>desperate struggles
File: freezing7.jpg (556.37 KB, 850x1230)
556.37 KB
556.37 KB JPG
>engaging plot
Super interesting.

So, has Satellizer gotten raped again recently?
File: freezing9.png (596.75 KB, 850x1289)
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596.75 KB PNG
>plot development
Freezing is a piece of shit. Worst crap I ever watched. And I saw Kokoro Connect.
File: vibrations.jpg (80.81 KB, 1280x720)
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80.81 KB JPG
I would fight the aliens off with MY DICK
I guess you could say that the girls in freezing....

are hot.

File: freezing10.jpg (494.71 KB, 960x1488)
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494.71 KB JPG
>well designed battle uniforms
File: freezing15.jpg (717.96 KB, 850x1237)
717.96 KB
717.96 KB JPG
>fashionable outfits
File: freezing16.jpg (325.61 KB, 422x600)
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325.61 KB JPG
It sold 1700 BDs, if I remember correctly. I hope having less violence and more fanservice in a earlier time slot paid off for them.
I actually don't remember the last time the aliens showed up.
I wish Ganessa had more appearances in the series.
Second arc is now about big NOVAs, its about human NOVAs that were hinted at in s1. There'll be more of both in s3, if its ever gets made. Also, more Kazuya's aunts.
File: Cassandra.jpg (105.49 KB, 782x1104)
105.49 KB
105.49 KB JPG
Best Aunt
Well, with no Chiffon, there's not much contest left.
Have they already fug?
Huh, I never have expected that I would've PICKED THIS THE FUCK UP
File: freezing17.jpg (242.49 KB, 850x609)
242.49 KB
242.49 KB JPG
No, Kazuya already visited his sister once though.

Is this really from the anime? It looks like some hentai....
Damn looks interesting.
That's the BD special, so its to be expected.
>Im Dal-young

is this one progressing or canned like his other 10000 works

its getting rather annoying
Freezing is his magnum opus, of course it's not canned.
The best kind of anime.
He writes only what brings him money. And Freezing brings him so much that he made 3-4 spin offs already.
S2 finale pissed me off. Chiffon saves the day but we hardly got to know her, and later I hear she was a pretty interesting character but you saw barely anything of that in the anime

wheres your picture carlos?
File: pls no bully.jpg (67.51 KB, 960x720)
67.51 KB
67.51 KB JPG
>all of the world's most elite Pandora that are gathered up in Alaska are getting their shit slapped down by this one evolved super-Nova
>Chiffon SINGLEHANDEDLY stops it from melting down the reactors and dooming the entire planet, but sacrificed herself in the process
>but wait! Chiffon wasn't even the strongest TRUE pandora
File: 1385233853292.jpg (145.19 KB, 1066x915)
145.19 KB
145.19 KB JPG
>she's the untouchable queen
>spends the next 30 episodes being repeatedly abused and raped
I really wanted to like this show but it is completely impossible.
To know her better, read her spinoff prequel. Also, at pace of 4 chapters per episode, with 'filler' character development chapters cut out, of course she would be barely known.
She was one of the strongest. But unlike other Valkyries she got to live her life.
File: freezing18.jpg (252.48 KB, 850x605)
252.48 KB
252.48 KB JPG
The story may be shit but damn if the character designs aren't delicious to behold.
>start reading this
>expect pointless fanservice and harem antics with a beta MC
>In the first few chapters MC and the heroine admits they love each other
>girls are actually acting bitchy instead of falling heads over heel for the MC

Only downside is the stupid powerups and the pointless tibetan girl who is just there for the love triangle drama
Too bad all characters look alike in every series. Although Cross Make is the best thing to ever come from Young
Love triangle is there only until Satella's brother arc. Then its obvious that Rana is no longer relevant.

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