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In your personal opinion, what's the funniest anime/manga out there and why?

Personally, I gotta go with Franken Fran as far as manga is concerned. I'm just into dark humor, I guess. Also, recommendations?
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There's no one manga I would ever pick. Too many different aspects, too many different manga.
Chill your grill. It's a side thing more than anything. I legit want to know what /a/ finds funny.
nichijou is hilarious and cromartie high is supper funny too
I just started Nichijou. I was expecting it to be something shit like Lucky Star, but I was pleasantly surprised.
Request threads are against the rules fuck off to >>>/r/.
You'd think if it was against the rules it would have been taken down considering it's been up for an hour or so.
Out mods are really not doing their jobs tonight.

And just in case you where wondering yes it is against a rule allow me to post it for you
>Global Rule 16:All requests belong on /r/ unless otherwise noted.
Jesus fucking Christ, FINE, I revoke the recommendations request then. I don't wanna watch your shitty anime anyway.

It's back to the basic of just "shit /a/ finds funny."
Why would you expect some tumblr black mod to do anything right?

You should see all the shitposting inspector redwood does, the real one not this goofy fag

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