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I heard /a/ thinks Mirai Nikki is shit. What's so bad about it? I personally enjoyed it and loved every minute of it until the ending episodes. Things got a bit too shounen for me.
Other than the ending episodes, what was so bad about it?
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I'm with you OP, I rather enjoyed it and ended up caring about characters when I didn't give a shit about this anime in general. Overall I thought it was good and don't understand the dislike. Although it is probably just personal taste
I also liked it, but you should easily be able to recognize the plot holes and also understand how the characters could be thought of as shit. Otherwise it was entertaining, just gotta turn your brain off to enjoy it.
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This guy gets it.
I'm glad other people like it! And yeah it has a lot of plot holes and such but I don't mind, it was still interesting and something I hadn't seen in an anime before. I really liked Yuno too, I've seen psychotic anime characters but none like her.
Tsubaki is best girl.
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Personally for me it goes
I liked 9th a lot too but I really liked Tsubaki. Sure she was crazy but she was cute and I liked her clothes and her eyes were really cool.
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I dunno why, but if there is a character with an eyepatch and is an angry bitch. They always end up being my god damned favourite
I fucking love characters with eyepatches for some reason. I don't know why I like them so much though it's just an eyepatch.
I don't know why either, they just seem so much more awesome
This. It's an enjoyable series, but I consider it "junk food". It's got a lot of flaws, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a fun watch. Oh God so many plot holes though..
Yeah but when you deal with time travel, alternate worlds and such you're likely to have more holes than swiss cheese at a firing range. But yeah it was fun to watch I wouldn't say it is the best though I do consider it to be a rather good watch for people who need time to sink
I liked the show alot but hated all the characters except Yuno and 9th. Yuki in particular is one of my most hated characters. I thought the plot was pretty entertaining and I give it 9/10 despite shitty characters that I didn't care about when they died
Holy shit I hated Yuki. He was an annoying shit. I also hated Murmur and always thought she was annoying,
And I mostly only liked Yuno, 9th, Tsubaki, that guy that 9th liked, and Akise Aru now that I think of it. I didn't like very many of the characters but like you I thought it was pretty entertaining and I really liked it. I hated the ending though.
Yeah, Murmur and Yukii ... I HATE them

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