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I was thinking about getting into PSG and I was wondering what /a/ thinks about it. Is it as good as a lot of people say it is and which version of the show is better to watch, the original japanese with english subtitles or the english dub?
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It's almost like you're really as new as you make yourself out to be...
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Best part of the show.
Actually this will be my first anime
I'm not going to fall for this.
Well, unless you count watching Pokemon when I was a little kid
I'm actually not lying I swear

can you all at least tell me if the dub or the original is better
/b/ is a better place for newfriends to ask about anime.

I'd suggest watching Boku no Pico.
very funny faggot I may be new to /a/ but I'm not new to 4chan
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Watch it subtitled. Dubs are always bad. Then go watch Evangelion, Boku no Pico, and Kill Me Baby. Never stream shit, download it. HorribleSubs will infect your computer with viruses. Pray to the goddess Itadakimasu before you eat any meal. Don't post on /a/ again until you've watched at least 50 shows. That's all the spoonfeeding you get. You're welcome.
Both the Jap and dub are fine. Pick whichever you'd prefer.
Are you always this hostile to people who show interest in things you like
That was all sound advice. You're very lucky he was around to spoon it into your mouth for you.
The dub changed the tone of the series completely. It's crude toilet humor whether you go with the sub or the dub but the dub was a lot more in-your-face about it. I prefer the dub, but both are fine and will give you a different experience.

I spoonfed you a freebie, but please lurk the fuck moar from now on OP.
I watched the subbed version on youtube

It's a really fun show OP, you'll like it.
If you really are this newfag then watch FL CL.

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