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File: 51997.jpg (45.68 KB, 225x313)
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Just watched the first episode of Coppelion.

What are /a/'s thoughts on it?
It's not very good, but angela's great as always
It's shit
I liked the OP.

Eh, that's about it.

Not worth watching tier.
I really liked it. The art style grew on me a lot and when I started reading the manga it was weird.
Sucks how there's like a hundred manga chapters left untranslated though
File: aoi.png (70.75 KB, 468x446)
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Not worth the watch.
I loved it, even with the huge amount of problems it had.

Second season when?
File: dont make this face.jpg (14.82 KB, 478x554)
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It had good characters but show itself was terrible.
right after we get BTOOOM S2
Great as fuck setting, sweet backgrounds.

Shit as fuck characters. Boring as fuck.
File: coppelion why.png (2.79 MB, 1280x3600)
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2.79 MB PNG
I didn't expect it to be a comedy.
You just watched the series in the perspective of a dog.
File: 1295318333273.jpg (186.35 KB, 600x937)
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I recently decided to give it a go because I've got a hankering for post-apocalyptic anime, but I was disappoint. It wasn't bad, but it could have been a lot better.

You guys got any recommendations for post-apocalyptic anime? I already have the pasta images for recommended anime, but they don't give post-apocalyptic its own genre.
And suddenly, she became the most overpowered coppelion, with flying and force fields.

Fuck Aoi.

I am a hero is a good manga.
>Great as fuck setting, sweet backgrounds.
>Shit as fuck characters. Boring as fuck.

so it's like K?

all right
File: Untitled2.png (440.03 KB, 683x741)
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Watched just for the sake of watching.
Takes itself way too seriously, but still kinda fun, and very pretty
Kaze no Na wa Amnesia
Casshern Sins
Just googled A Wind Named Amnesia, the premise sounds awesome. I'll check it out after work.
It had so much potential... If only GoHands put as much effort into it as they do SYD.

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