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I'm not sure if this should go here or in /r/ or another site, but i think someone here might know. Along time ago there was a commercial at the beginning of what I think was an old sailor moon VHS. It was an add for either a movie or anime where every one started inflating and floating away into the sky. It had a super catchy theme that I think I can remember it today. Everyone was really scared and there were people trying to hang on to anything on the ground and others trying to run away from it. They quickly inflated to a size that would resemble Kirby and it didn't look like they could use there arms or legs. It would be about 15 years since I had seen the commercial and I have been looking ever since.Would anyone know what this movie or show is?
Man, these Asian videos are kinky!
aww man you done even know how big my eyes grew when i saw a response
You were dreaming OP.
Fuck off to >>>/r/ request threads are against the rules.
I'd help OP, but I'm at university right now and all my Sailor Moon VHS tapes (which are actually my sister's) are at home on my shelf.

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