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Okay lelouch now has the death note and light has the geass. Who creates their perfect world first?
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I think lelouch would win, but only if he was in his world, if not then light would win
Geass is more powerful than Death note, and considering Light's world is less resistive, Light would win.
Lelouch can't start shit, killing people from the shadows won't accomplish anything in Lelouch's universe also given the ammount of forces britannia has it would only cause japan to get all its population exterminated

They aren't against eachother.

Light would use the geass to get people to do shit but L would catch him because of his huberis early in the series. So instead of taking the name precaution, he'd only use cops from outside the area where most were controlled. He cant stop L because he never sees L face to face just like the problem he had with the death note.

Lelouch on the other hand knows the names and faces of the entire royal family. His first goal was to find who killed his mom so he'd have the family members tell him one by one, including charles. He doesn't need to start a rebellion to exact his revenge.

The problem with this is that L's goal/ideals are that he wants to kill criminals and bad people. He has no vendetta against people he can come into contact with (mostly). If he wanted to kill people best case scenario he gets into prison and convinces people to kill themselves without being caught or something.

Lelouch wants revenge against people he knows, and wants specific answers from them. (R1). The death note fixes all of that. That makes V.V. his greatest enemy pre R2 invincible-charles. Suzaku doesn't get promoted because no zero-conflict or chance to prove himself. Every challenge Zero has otherwise is cake with the deathnote. He's a britanian with a grudge nobody knows about living in japan. Unlike Light his killings wouldn't be tied back to japan nearly as easily, and he has no need to respond to threats. Everyone of his targets are public figures.

**light not L
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[X] Desu

Light's world had 0 trouble adapting to the "faces= death rule", and geass was instantly tracked to japan. Meanwhile light's main enemies are peoples whose faces he cannot see until they deem it safe via tests etc.


Clovis has no reason to be his first target, making him untrackable. 2/3rds of the world have a vendetta against britania.

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