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Alright guys, I just finished Ergo Proxy. I liked it, but I'm still really goddamn confused because the show doesn't like to explain anything. Incoming spoilers, by the way.

Who the hell is the Creator? Is he supposed to be an actual deity?

Why was the Cogito virus manufactured? They never explained how it was supposed to be beneficial, or for that matter, why it makes auto-reivs start praying when Proxies show up.

What the hell were those subterranean creatures in Terra Incognita? Were they failed products of the womb machines? The cave paintings they made never explained anything, and all Re-L says about the paintings is "it can't be." What can't be?

How does the cloned Re-L become Monad when the original one died? Did Daedalus figure out how to create Proxies, or did he infuse her with the cells of the original Monad, or what?

What the everloving fuck were those statues around the Regent? Were they auto-reivs? Were they different aspects of the Regent's personality linked to his mind?
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Oh, I'm sorry anon. I thought this place was for talking about anime. I'll leave you alone now.
It's been years since I watched this show and I'm still confused as fuck. You aren't alone OP.
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Are you serious? They literally laid out everything to you in the gameshow episode.
The "creator" is actually a reference to the original humans. They left the proxies on earth after they migrated to space so they'd clean up the world. Kinda like Wall-E, and it goes about as well as it did in that movie.
>What the hell were those subterranean creatures in Terra Incognita?
You mean those wretches in the cavern? They were humans who had to survive outside for generations outside of domes, probably after some catastrophe struck.
I don't really remember but weren't the cave paintings about how they rediscovered normal reproduction?

Pretty sure the statues were autoreivs.
>dat screenshot quality
>spoilers ahead
Jesus, fuck off.

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