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>Scrub Horizon
This couldn't have gone any slower. It's like being forced to watch a MMO tutorial video but at half speed.
It aimed to take a different direction than SAO, which basically took a really shitty MMO villain/hero template and used it to form the basis of the story. Log Horizon looks to illustrate the interaction between the players in the world. It's rarely focusing heavily on them actually playing the game, more on them trying to make the best of it. It's always gonna be slow, if you never played an MMO you'll need shit like "aggro" explained because it makes absolutely no sense in real-world context.

Most people buying the goods later would be familiar with these piss basic concepts explained every episode. What a shame they went after the normalfag market at the more dedicated fans' expense.
It's interesting how the two approach the question of explaining MMO mechanics. LH does the basics in detail, while the SAO LN skips the basics altogether and only explains specific mechanics applicable to its game (and the SAO anime gives no explanations ever anywhere). Not saying one is better than the other, and I'm sure each person has their preferences.
>Fuck off ADD cunt
>lel he can't be bothered with a minute of explanations

Finally some decent discussion and not shitpost glossing over of things.
Exposition is good for you.
From what I've heard it airs at 5-ish in Japan so they'd probably have to take time to expand on mechanics because they'd get a lot of kids watching it rather than the more knowledgeable otaku audience a late-night slot would get them. I haven't read the novels but even if they do have the same amount of exposition it'd probably be easier to skim through and thus less drawn out.

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