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>alien life form that has destroyed every planet it has come upon has beset earth
>Alien species sends a machine to another planet in order to stop it
>main character has a relationship to that alien
>evolutionary life forms

It's fucking moe Gao Gai Gar without the Super Mecha. It's even MotW

also the professor fucked her clones and she's probably lucky the guys got shot down with how that relationship was developing otherwise she'd have been off to mexico
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also the main character is only strong when she's being courageous

can't wait till wee see her final fusion!!!

>mysterious organization that goes public when Mot\W does
also that sexual tension with the entire flight crew was so heavy I can't imagine what happened between frames. Doujins when?
I don't know what made me more upset this episode, the fact that cameraman gave shopped swimsuit pics of Ogura to her new bros, or that her new bros got fridged in the very same episode they were introduced.

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