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If you could be in the same universe as your waifu, would you leave your entire life and everything about it behind? Also there is no good anime in any of these universes.
Yes. Is this even a question.
Well it's not like my life here is going anywhere so yeah I'll give it a shot.
Sure, also there's plenty of anime in anime.
Yes, obviously.
Am I going to have fancy powers or am I just going to be a regular faggot ?
File: Rebecca_Chambers_RE_01[1].jpg (94.93 KB, 1000x2000)
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This is my Waifu. So, yes. Even if I don't get to be with her, at least I'd get to fight zombies for real.

>tfw all your years as a /k/ommado, lusting for The Zombie Wars, come true. Plus Albert Wesker.
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That's a good question right there, anon. Would I leave everything behind for exist in the same world as Ritsu? Would I have to go to Japan from where I live or do I get transported to Japan and know Japanese from the beginning? Shits hard
Yes. Why is this even a question?
I couldn't leave my family and friends behind, as few of them as there are. Plus, I'm not good enough for mai waifu anyway; she deserves better than me, especially considering I'd be weak and incompetent as fuck in her world.
I would most likely die in her universe within hours, so no

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