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So, what did you guys think of the new Bleach chapter? Also do you think anyone else has a new Bankai!
i still reckon Yachiru Kusajishi has one. Rukia probably has one. shes been shown to be more in tune with her powers than renji.
Now that I like to see! And I agree that Rukia has one, and it'll be interesting to see what he Bankai holds for us. A little part of me thinks Kenpachi might have learnt his Zanpakutos name. (just a theory)
Depends on what you mean by "new".

Ichigo's bankai will obviously be different.

Rukia will definitely have a bankai. All of the current and former captains (except maybe Kenpachi has bankai). All of the Vizards (including the former VC ones and Kido Corps) has bankai. Some of the VC's like Hisagi, Rangiku, and Yumichika also have bankais or strongly implied to.
im sure itll go like this

>be kenpachi fightan
>beats up everyone
>'shit, he learned bankai?'
>kills everyone

>lol it was only my shikai

He just found out what his real zanpakuto spirit is, and he hasn't trained with it at all. He'll resort to his old getsuga tenshou spam.
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this week better have more rukia
Eh, I assume since yhwach/ zangetsu was suppressing his shinigami powers and after royal blacksmith guy forged his blade and told him it was the "real" zangetsu, either tensa zangetsu is still his bankai or royal "lolicantalktoyourswordandhesaidurafegit" will probably tell him he only got a portion of the name right.
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actually i think thats the case with zarakis sword. it only started with contact AFTER he became the true kenpachi
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> Tfw zaraki zanpakuto is the strongest kido type

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