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So I finished this, was a really good ride overall. but the only think I cannot forgive is neither of those girls didn't win

Also, why the MC was the worst character of the whole fucking series? Maybe just a bit better than Michael.

anything more from Macross that I should watch?
The original 70s series is the best Macross entry by far.
Alto is a trap.

Sheryl is more manly.
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Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199. It's not Macross, but it's better than any Macross that has ever existed.
Consider killing yourself.
SDF Macross was basically Yamato with jpop instead of wave cannons.
SDF started in 1982.
also somebody recommended DYRL, do I need to watch something else first? what about Macross 7?
I know. For some reson it looks more like a 70s series to me.
>anything more from Macross that I should watch?
everything from the start you fag
>neither of those girls didn't win
are you so dense, watch the F movies
DYRL is a movie version of the original series story. It's good but I'd suggest seeing the series first. 7 is a bit different, you'd have to see if you enjoy it.
Zero and Plus are OVA series that are worth seeing as well.
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thanks for the info, have some Sheryl
I miss not having been here when it aired... I guess you had a lot of time back them
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my dick is diamonds
>I cannot forgive is neither of those girls didn't win
Shippers pls, Alto wants to fuck the sky and has no time for pussies. He made it very clear.
But Sheryl won, you saw Alto fucking her at his house when she was ill.
They just took pity on Ranka in the end and she was rejected kindly.
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> fucking
> anime

I thought so too, but then there was that weird ending, and he didn't care that much for either of them, and Ranka saying "I won't lose to you" and all that shit
File: hahaaha.png (75.70 KB, 698x658)
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>, Alto wants to fuck the sky and has no time for pussies
Ranka had gone through pretty tough shit, being possessed and all, so, instead of crushing her hopes right there, Alto just went
>sky I love you so much
instead of
>I fucked Sheryl weeks ago, bitch
She loses again, but harder, in the movies with a proper rejection.
You lack reading comprehension, that's ok. Let me explain it to you. Remember Alto and Sheryl's scene before the last fight.
>Alto, let's stop pretending to be a couple from now on.
>Wait, Sheryl! I...

Now, if you aren't autistic, you should be able to complete Alto's sentence.

Solution: Wait, Sheryl, I love you
Watch the movie.

Watch the movie, he makes choice there. They're also great films per se.

Macross Plus, DYRL and original series are also must see
Why the long face?

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