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Your attention, please.

The group that's been scanlating Teppu (http://animexis.org/) still needs a new translator. The old one hasn't responded to messages since late 2013, that's the whole reason they're now two chapters behind.

That is all. Please consider spreading the word.
>that's the whole reason they're now two chapters behind
Or because they were always slow as fuck.
All of their projects are way behind, and what's worse-they are all monthly series
Hope someone steals their projects
Talk about lazy paneling and scene composition
You'd think this was a page from a comedy manga instead of something out of a martial arts manga supposed to convey an extremely strong kick
Oh, you're taking issue with "whole"? Sure, fair enough.

Think most Teppu fans here would like a decent Teppu translation, a new translator for the existing group or a new scanlation group taking on the title would both accomplish that goal.

If you know anyone in either category, or just other forums where people like that might be found, spreading the word could help Teppu get translated faster. The shoutbox in animexis' site has raw links for the two untranslated chapters, just look for people saying "thanks"
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I think I chose poorly by posting it out of context. In context, right half of page is what reader expected to see, left half of page was then (for me) rather jaw-dropping follow-up twist.

I don't read Teppu for the fights (not literate enough in MMA to appreciate all the details), but I do think the author's gotten steadily better at depicting them.

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