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Do you like Kaiba /a/?
Except the ending.
>tfw no good batch downloads

It was an amazing show. Ending was a little weak, but damn if it wasn't enjoyable.

Its my least favorite from Yuasa (not including short films), but it was still good. It would have been a lot better if it stayed episodic for longer.
No it's fucking terrible.
The first time I looked at Kaiba I was immediately turned off by the artwork and animation. I realized that this was a shitty way to approach an anime that simply decided to use a different style so I gave it a shot.

I wound up liking it, although it's not something I would watch again. It wasn't amazing to me by any means, and the ending was atrocious. I would have preferred if it were shorter, not longer.

Would only recommend to someone who has the patience to give something like this a chance and if they want to watch something different from mainstream anime.
Eyes still closed...
First 6 episodes were great and unique when it was about random characters and planet exploration.

Suddenly the plot kicked in and the whole atmosphere became 2deep4u.
Turned WAY too drama for me and i didnĀ“t care much for the ending which it spent too much time building up.
Fo shizzle
Kemonozume > Kaiba > Tatami Galaxy
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Basically what this anon said.

I really enjoyed the episodic nature of the first half but the ending pretty much went EoE
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Yes -- just another of the anime that work fine when they're being episodic Whatever-of-the-Week, and then trip over themselves when a LOLplot gets dragged in half way through, collapsing in the final revelations pulled out of nowhere.
I rewatched it a few weeks ago, but couldn't be arsed to care enough to finish the ending. Though I loved hopping on the ride again, I don't usually cry during emotional anime, but Kaiba had me weeping no less then 3 times through my rewatch, even though I knew they were coming.

Fucking hell, that piano scene, and Vanilla's last words
>I was the strongest man in my village; it was the only thing I've ever been proud of.
Fucking hell man.
I've never understood /a/'s disdain for the ending, backed by shallow "2deep4u EoE hipster" remarks which I can only ever rebuff with equally immature "babby's first Yuasa."
Actually not - and Kemonozume actually managed to get its shit together at the end; whereas Kaiba was just unsatisfying.
I think it's better rewatched, helps ease the asspull feel of some aspects because you realize they weren't really asspulls.
Yeah I did. Not my favourite Yuasa, but it had its own powerful moments.
Got to ep 8 and dropped it.
Apparently the ending is worse and I felt nothing for the characters or story.
There were some interesting bits here and there but not enough for me to be completely interested.

I love the idea that personalities could change from one body to another and that two people finding each other through the ocean of memories and bodies but it just went completely nowhere and nothing kept being explained so I didn't even bother.

Nice show but just meh.
I thought it was great, but it still should have been a lot better than it was. Also the ending was shit.

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