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So I want to watch Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei. A few questions -

1. Are the DVDs uncensored?
2. Who's the best subber for both shows? How far have the subs gone?
3. What can I expect?
4. How does it compare to Azumanga/Minami-ke/Lucky Star/Hayate/Keroro/Gyagu Manga Biyori/Bo-bobo?
1. Not sure
2. afk. Season one done. Most of season 2 is in hiatus

Subs for season 2 by other groups? What's the hold up?
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Not really sure about that....
download any episode, it is very consistent so you will either ask yourself why you wasted 24 minutes of your life or be left in despair.
best censorship or bestist censorship?
Just believe me when I say SZS is a bitch to sub. And that's on a basic level. Theres alot more hidden jokes everywhere written in moon that literally last one frame of animation
1) doesn't matter, it's funnier uncensored. if you want tits then watch porn
2) a.f.k. be glad you don't have to wait for subs
3) jokes that only anime nerds would get
4) It's closest to Paniponi Dash, really. It did seem to be trying to 1-up Hayate in terms of referencing random crap though
>>1) doesn't matter, it's funnier uncensored. if you want tits then watch porn

Sadly, 80% of the SZS fanbase outside of /a/ loves it for the fanservice first then exotic, "I don't get it but it's Japanese so LOL" humor.
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I love the artistic style of it, it's fantastic in it's humor.

1. Not sure
2. I would say A.F.K. and so far all of Season one.
3. I don't know.
A bit daunting to watch, depending on power level. afk makes an attempt to explain and localize for effect when necessary but much of the reference spam will mean nothing to many people. That said, if you catch a third of the bullshit thrown at you, and if you turn out to like the kind of situational humor it uses, you're set.

Has a tendency to repeat itself and beat dead jokes into the ground but it's nice to look at.
1. no
2. AFK. but don't expect to watch anything past s2ep4 anytime this century
3. expect to press pause. a lot.

in every frame, there's like 4 "inside jokes" that you wouldn't get unless you've watched a LOT of anime/ read a LOT of manga.

i got about 80% of them, wikipedia'd the rest, increased my power level.

5. nothing like any of those. if anything, i'd characterize it as 2 parts azumanga, 1 part lucky star, 6 parts excel saga, and 23 parts horse tranqualizers and methamphedamine.

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