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File: angry Gon.png (456.28 KB, 688x526)
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456.28 KB PNG
Is it just me or is Hunter x Hunter better then
Kill La Kill? Just because the creators from gurren lagann is making it doenst mean its any good.
well it isnt bad either its mediocre
At least KlK is somewhat, you know, animated.
File: KilluaSuperZetsu.png (375.88 KB, 756x425)
375.88 KB
375.88 KB PNG
that doenst mean anything.Its like saying that graphics is better then gameplay
Are you trying to start some shit or are you genuinely retarded?
There is a balance between them.
The words you're looking for are "than" and "doesn't".
File: Hisoka_episode_16.png (2.39 MB, 1278x1400)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB PNG
im just saying that I thing that HxH is better the KlK. it have such a good story and its emotional as fuck. its a "perfect" combination of fighting and story

I haven't really enjoyed much of HxH. The story feels bland compared to what I've read/watched before and I just don't feel any emotion from it.

I prefer KLK to it. Space Dandy > HxH as well
File: gon-san.gif (826.87 KB, 416x252)
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826.87 KB GIF
for me hxh is the best anime since 2011
Confirmed flame war thread. May as well observe how the next turns out.
File: GP457.jpg (128.35 KB, 580x443)
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128.35 KB JPG
nice bait
At least Kill la Kill will have an ending.
How true is HxH anime to the manga?
File: Beyond_netero.jpg (69.54 KB, 418x504)
69.54 KB
69.54 KB JPG
It's only a matter of time until the most recent chapter will be non-canonized and the end of the elections will be the ending of the series.

It actually wouldn't be too bad.
File: 1375927240181.jpg (73.62 KB, 1920x1080)
73.62 KB
73.62 KB JPG
apples and oranges. both at least have great girls. Or in hxh's case, >girls
File: gonvshisoka.gif (994.64 KB, 500x260)
994.64 KB
994.64 KB GIF
same /b/ro its so good and now when we have reached the best part of the series it's gonna be so good. people have been waiting for the upcomming episodes 4ever
like 95%
yeah, 339 was the PERFECT ending.. fuck 340, fuck togashi laziness.
File: killuayelling.gif (379.94 KB, 500x281)
379.94 KB
379.94 KB GIF
the series have almost nothing to build on right now
the election ended. i cant think of anything else that will happen in the series
>maybe HxH isn't the best anime ever
>hurr you're a troll
Every HxH thread ever
Chimera Ant Gyro, Chrollo got his nen back after GI, Kurapika's heading to the darkside, Dark Continent bullshit with Ging.

Beyond Netero is just one of many plotlines. It wasn't even absolutely necessary.
At least it's something to talk about.
File: stoppostingmaruo.png (109.45 KB, 484x359)
109.45 KB
109.45 KB PNG
Please stop.
Pitou is a male
There are people right now who still think Kalluto is a girl. Togashi makes great traps, but I wish he looked a tad bit more like a boy like he does in the 2011 anime.
HxH is model for what every Shonen should be,though the Ant arc is a little too Attack on Titan.
File: 1387572555200.jpg (96.22 KB, 840x700)
96.22 KB
96.22 KB JPG
>There are people right now who still think Kalluto is a girl.

Wut. I just Marathoned everything last week. Why the fuck does he dress like a grill?
I'd say it was better, but I haven't liked most of the Chimera Ant arc. Sometimes it's great, but most of the time the pacing is like treacle and literally nothing happens in an episode. I think HxH peaked with the Yorkshin arc.

Kill la Kill was great for a while, but the last few episodes have been mediocre. Hopefully it picks up again.
This show would have been 10 times better if Killua was a girl.
I still like it though.
File: 38356991.png (330.70 KB, 430x1224)
330.70 KB
330.70 KB PNG
Blame Kikyo. No doubt she got tired of having sons and picked him to be her "daughter." Plus they apparently lived in a Japanese themed place in flashbacks too.

What if Gon was a girl instead?
That works too, but Killua would be better since he already kinda looks like a girl.
File: 1387846950125.jpg (75.67 KB, 465x464)
75.67 KB
75.67 KB JPG
>HxH is model for what every Shonen should be
File: 24151565.png (358.48 KB, 1166x1151)
358.48 KB
358.48 KB PNG
All the Zoaldycks look like girls. They're all quite pretty.
File: 215467.jpg (84.57 KB, 623x363)
84.57 KB
84.57 KB JPG
What if the entire show was completely genderbent? Of course some characters would stay the same- Kalluto, Pitou, Kurapika etc.
I'd like to see a female Hisoka (Hisaka?)

Instead of shining crotches she'd get oveans and waves as a background.
It sure was.

>Timeskip incoming
File: Ponzu dinner.png (1.45 MB, 1280x720)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
>Few recurring female characters
>Makes fans like one
>Edgemaster arc

Lets be real. Plot armor is not evenly distributed in HxH.
File: 35854292.jpg (286.06 KB, 800x600)
286.06 KB
286.06 KB JPG
I think she'd taste like honey.The plot armor was split between Leorio and Gon. Or more like 75% Gon and 25% Leorio.
Are you autistic? Why would you compare something that's been going on for years to something that's been recently made.
oh fucking shit
Hunter x Hunter has better writing, Kill la Kill has more style and better direction.
You mean bee girl death? I think that's the only one I had.
direction = writting
File: Spoiler Image (470.45 KB, 800x600)
470.45 KB
470.45 KB PNG
Disregard that.
*Hunter x Hunter has a better plot
File: 524234123312.gif (572.09 KB, 457x250)
572.09 KB
572.09 KB GIF
Are people seriously comparing HxH to KlK
Klk is fun action but nothing more
Kill La Kill's animation is shit, though.

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