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Rate my autism

Based Mako
Ask me who my dealer
Based Mako the dealer
Fifty-six hoes and they call me Nui Harime
Suckers know what's up I spit that shit them bitches feel her
Bitches suck my dick because I run CrunchyRoll
Bitch play with me I bring that noise like Nonon Jakuzure
Tiny pink shirt, yes, bitch I pack the two
Everybody know that Based Mako fucked my bitch
Everybody know that BasedMako got bitches

Oh my God, what can I do for you?
Hey! Hey, uh, Based Mako, you're cool
Guess who's over there, that's the Based Mako, you know about her?
Woah, woah, woah, hey, that's the Based Mako
Based Mako, let me pour you a drink
Hey Based Mako, come over here
Dun da da dun dun, Based Mako! Yeah, I heard about you
Hey, Based Mako, have I ever told you I wanted you to fuck my bitch?
Wow, Based Mako, you can fuck my bitch
Based Mako, no no no, Based Mako, haha, you can be the maid of honor
You're so cool Based Mako
And fuck my wife
Ha, Based Mako you're so funny, you're so nonchalant Based Mako
The Based Mako's here! Yeah!
Based Mako! Hooray! Wow

Please drive my bitch, Based Mako go to work today
Don't touch the Based Mako, please no foul play
Based Mako you're Jesus, damn I can't believe it
Based Mako pays for pussy cause she's so conceited (I love you bitch, oh my God)
Based Mako is depressed but it's okay you bitch (Ryuko Matoi)
Ethiopian girlfriend, damn I'm so icy
Jewish girlfriend, Based Mako's Persian
Based Mako please fuck my bitch this summer
Based Mako, you a legend, what the fuck is your number?
Damn you got haters, you must be a player
Based Mako, I'm a give you my bitch cause you a legend
I go to school at twelve o'clock, fuck my bitch at seven
Based Mako is depressed cause she's got so many bitches
Based Mako's in Germany, Based Mako's in Amsterdam
Based Mako's in China, bitch you must be lying
I seen the Based Mako, she fucked my bitch, I think I liked it

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