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Does anyone else think this is a retelling of H.G. Wells 'Time Machine?'

I've seen a lot of discussion comparing Shinsekai Yori to older sci-fi classics. Brave New World and Canticle for Lebowitz are the most frequently mentioned. But very few people have mentioned the anime's similarities to H.W. Well's 19th century story, "The Time Machine." While not completely the same, the two story’s plots and settings parallel each other in major ways. I think Yusuke Kishi (author of the book the anime was based on) owes something to Wells's master piece:

WARNING! Major [spoilers] below!:
I find the godlike Cantus users similar to the aristocratic Eloi in Wells's work. Both groups live in small, Utopian societies that initially appear peaceful. On the other hand, the Queerats are like the subterranean Morlocks. Both the Morlocks and Queerats appear to be slaves to their respective Utopian societies, but the truth is later revealed to be much more complicated.

'From The New World' takes place 1000 years in the future. Similarly, The Time Machine's main action takes place in the future. Both societies are post-apocalyptic, with the ruins of our present civilization playing important roles in the story line.

Most importantly, both TTM and SSY each have two separate races who share modern humans as their common ancestor. There are two different lines of evolution; one leading to beautiful-almost divine-beings, the other line leading to ugly subhuman laborers.

I find the similarities uncanny. Of course, many anime have done remakes of classic stories ('Samurai 7' comes to mind), so this in no way detracts from what is an incredible story in its own right.
Damn, we went from a thread a day to two threads in one day. Not sure if I should be happy as an SSY fan or annoyed.


If you want actual discussion you'd have better luck posting this tomorrow.

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