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File: 1390143473618.jpg (463.72 KB, 917x788)
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Anime officially been saved.

Title of the next episode is "Scandal". Girls make first 3 minute appearance in TV show`s weather segment.

What can go wrong? What Will go wrong? What is there left to deconstuct about Idol industry, but pillow bussiness? What Dark Secrets has yamakan still to reveal?
Meido is hideous irl unlike other WUG girls, but has best role.

Just posted in blog that she learns guitar, watches WA2 and wants to become a guitarrist and have guitar solo with WUG performance.
File: best gurl.jpg (1.06 MB, 2355x800)
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Meanwhile Kaya still best girl!

Make your vote for favorite WUG
Yamakan got assistance from his Ultra Super Pictrures holding

Episode 2 got assistance by Liden Films
Episode 3 is Trigger as the quoted picture illustrates
Episode 4 is full 3D by Sanzigen
File: 1390119571428.jpg (247.56 KB, 1440x810)
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Predicted episode 3:

Girls go on TV
H Club fans see Mayu
Shitstorm, plus images from the ep2 spa event found on web
Mayu encounters H Club in sendai
>Shitstorm, plus images from the ep2 spa event found on web
Fuck, i so much see this happening.
File: wug wug wug.jpg (375.72 KB, 1022x660)
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Live WUGs

Potato loli confirmed best girl. Looks ok IRL and can sing well.
Who are H Club?
File: 1389723487837.png (399.43 KB, 768x432)
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399.43 KB PNG
l-1 Club, the super popular Not-AKB48 band of which Mayu was center but had to quite for whatever reason.

Now opening theatre in Sendai. Mayu has PSTD regarding them. l-1 club VAs unlike WUG VAs are proffessionals. Pic related - H Club
I seriously hope she gets an enka insert song.
I feel pretty stupid for not getting it now.

Title of next episode is actually "Kindest". Episode 4 is "Scandal", that's when the shit will go down.
File: 1390133642704.jpg (184.80 KB, 1280x481)
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Anime locations tour in Sendai
>Mayu was center but had to quite for whatever reason.
My money's on Her mother was fucking the producer and they broke up.
File: h club priest.jpg (556.55 KB, 1259x1435)
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556.55 KB JPG
H Club producer is priest from Fractale, so doubt it

God, if this delves into idols' terrible home lives, I'm not sure if I could take it. Mayu's mom is probably a high-class prostitute or something. Some of them are orphans, and Kaya hates the sea because her family died in tsunami. There's gonna be so much suffering.
I am pretty sure it does though.

Minami is orphan.
Nanamo is rich girl neglected by parents.
Kaya is orphan.
Mayu`s mom seems like bitch and they are bad with each other.

Airi seems ok though, no info about Leaders and Meido family
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