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How will Mahouka change /a/?
Another Shitty Sister LN Adaptation
It will bring shitty newfags like you.
Rectal hipster wreckage when it outsells Yuasa ping pong shit and other garbage with vocal circlejerks limited to /a/
A shitstorm during the time it airs only to be largely gone when it's done airing like SAO. There will be some people around discussing it normally afterwards, but it will be largely forgotten.

It will also be /a/'s first large scale exposure to a female mary sue.
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Anime is dying threads every day.
Frodo threads.
Incest is shit threads.
Crossboarders/SAOfags claiming Mahouka to be teh best thing ever! threads.
b8 threads where people pretend to claim that Mahouka is teh best thing ever
Madhouse is dead threads.
Light novels are the cancer killing anime threads.
Depends how much effort Madhouse put in. People cry about overpowered MCs but there's a fucking huge cast with a detailed plot going on.

If it ends up being good, expect a few weeks of shitposting before they all move on to easier targets, as the threads will be too fast-moving for them to bother.
Absolute dog shit show that some people will defend to the death
>Hi, im looking for a manga like ... i like how the MC is a badass magician but also doesn't want to be noticed so hides in his "normal" form
Jesus christ fucking shitkaupdates man
Trolls will claim that the fanbase isn't from /a/ even though they are, and threads will have constant complaining about MC and frodos.
So, like kill la kill except actually good?
Mahouka would've been fine to me if the older brother was actually lousy at magic and not super gary stu.
I don't have a single original thought, do I.
You've been making the same threads almost every day and samefagging in it.

You really aren't going to let this go, huh?
I would be fine with a Mary Sue OR a Gary Stu but both of them is just too much. This will be like Gundam SEED all over again.
>Gary Stu, so shit.

I've spent a lot of time on /a/, so much that my experience tells me to ignore buzzwords like these because it's either usually trolls trolling or haters hating. Most posts in this thread is a stark contrast from rare MKnR threads that I've seen, so it makes me think it's the latter case. Need to come up with something more creative if you want me to take you guys seriously.
>former case*
SO I have no idea here /a/...I've read a couple of days ago (and saw a trailer) about an upcoming show that I thought was this, but I lately realized it's a different title. The one I'm searching for apparently is sety in some dystopian/post-apocalyptic world or something, with everyone being gun-fu totters (bit like Hidan no Aria) and supposedly there's loads of suffering for the MC in store. Anyone knows what I'm talking about?
What if
>Hi, im looking for a manga like ... i like how the MC is a lousy magician but also doesn't want to be bullied so he hides in his "badass magician" persona
Does it exist?
>Crossboarders/SAOfags claiming Mahouka to be teh best thing ever! threads.
>TTGL ruined /a/!
>Code Geass ruined /a/!
>K-on! ruined /a/!
>Oreimo ruined /a/!
>Madoka ruined /a/!
>Steins;Gate ruined /a/!
>Guilty Crown ruined /a/!
>Fate/Zero ruined /a/!
>Sword Art Online ruined /a/!
>Jojo ruined /a/!
>Shingeki no Kyojin ruined /a/!
>Free! ruined /a/!
>Kill la Kill ruined /a/!
>Space Dandy ruined /a/!
Stay tune for
>Mahouka ruined /a/!
>Sidonia ruined /a/!
>Kancolle Collection ruined /a/!
>Mekaku City Actors ruined /a/!

Nothing will change.
It's just new excuse for shitposters.
At this point what is even the point of having /a/ at all? I mean we all know the motions to these things and go through them for every series in every genre. Pretending to get upset, or trying to upset other fanbases, it's pretty much all one sad circlejerk at this point. Hell I hardly even read threads anymore and just use this board to get images.
People who like Yuasa aren't stupid enough to care about sales and realise most people have poor taste.
>New Age
>New Hero
Fucking japs he is antihero at best, actually he is more a emotionless soldier robot with nuke at its disposal. first and most important mission for him-protect imouto at all costs even if entire countries needs to be nuked and 'friends' killed.
What the fuck is Sidonia?
CGshit adaptation of an alright manga that will fail miserably.

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