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Can we have a manly/sad anime deaths thread?
Goodnight sweet prince
>inb4 kamina
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>he never made it with the love of his life
File: 1274653831886.jpg (85.11 KB, 362x500)
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>that one anime character who dies leaning slightly forward with their head angled downwards while the whole shot is done in a sketchy faded out look

who am I talking about /a/?
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>He told Mamiya to find someone to love and be happy
>She's still a loner after all those years, as is Airi
joey jojo
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do people actually like this shit?
I was completely crushed the first time I read this.
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Goddamn it
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I knew it was coming and it still hurt.
>Shuu's death
It was sad but cant even compare with Rei's. I actually cried for firs time there after 6 fucking years
File: 1384321162087.jpg (7.26 KB, 242x208)
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Hokuto no Ken's first part had so many manly deaths.
He is still alive you dolt.
>Feel nothing at Shin's death
>After JAgi's explanation, learn he was just a fool madly in love
my heart broke there
well Rei was around for quite some time (over 30 episodes and several volumes of the manga) and was a major character who you thought would be around til the end. His death ended a major segment of the story. Shuu was around for one arc so the impact was a bit less though still hurt.
This is probably the most pathetic death I have ever seen.

>Whitebeard is a looser
>a MARINE talking shit about a PIRATE
The deal with Rei's death is that you hope against hope that he won't die, but deep down you know he will, but you still don't want to believe it.
Then when he does die, his death looks so painful it's really hard to watch, especially when Rei was one amazing motherfucker.
I liked him even better than Ken.

Am I the only one who found this far more touching in the anime than in the manga?
Back when I read PB I couldn't care much about Jonathan, but when I watched the anime I really came to like him a lot, to the point his death scene made me really sad.

16's death was sad, especially considering he was a really good guy, but there was no time to mourn him, when Gohan became fucking awesome right afterwards.
Does kamina count?
Shit I forgot.

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