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Am I the only one that think that instead of 'recently my sister...' it should be translated to 'my new sister...' considering the content?
Both are shit.
"Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga." or bust.
No, because that's not what the title says at all
最近 refers to time, unless you have multiple little sisters and your most recent one happens to want your dick.
Yeah, but some people think translations should translate titles as well.
Weird I know. But I can understand it; it's easier to remember which title goes to which story if you know what that title means. Well, people who keep only few animas in their list would do fine, but people like me who keeps dozens can get confused.
Just say ImoCho, man.
I m not a pro at translating or anything, but aren't combination of kanas can lead to a word that somehow combine the meanings of it's parts? 'new' can contain time.
the 'new' refer to how he got his siter trough his father marriege recently. he got his sister recently, but that is not how it is shown in the current more common translation of the title

well, i got an answer to my quuestion so i'll leave now. as long as you can recognize a story by it's name it's all fine really.
>I m not a pro at translating or anything
Why do people like you try to critique translations?

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