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Now, I am not an anime-mango fella, but this one's gotten my interest. See, "In the Hunt" is a sidescroller SHMUP game about some submarines. It's fun and simple to get into, released for arcades in '93, and later for PS1 and Sega Saturn.


This is all fairly uninteresting on its own, but the game was actually developed by the same guys behind Metal Slug! So it was pretty well animated and fun as hell to boot. The main thing that got me a little hyped, however, was the fact that apparently this tiny-ass game had a comic! With how much I enjoyed it I figured I'd try and give it a read sometime but it seems that it's outrageously obscure. The only real mention I ever found of the comic was on TvTropes (sadly) and on one single forum thread found here;


Can any of y'all help me out? If not I guess this could just be a thread for the discussion of obscure stuff.
Bump? Just to keep it afloat

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