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Are there people on this board that seriously watch dubs?
I don't think so.
only of old shit that I originally saw in dub format. Other than that I just can't bring myself to do it. Too much cringe.
About 14-16 years ago I would sometimes watch dubs for laughs. The German dub of El Hazard was so bad it was hilarious for example. Also, we were trading VHS copies back then and some things were just not available with subs.

Then when getting anime from the internet started getting a thing, I started avoiding any dubs. About 4 years ago I started actually buying some stuff I really liked and reluctantly started trying the German dubs that came on the DVDs and BDs. Some are not as bad as I remembered. So today in very rare cases I do, but that's the exception. Mostly sticking to English subs.

I still completely avoid English dubs however and this will always be the case. English dubs with anime makes it seem to me like I'm watching the DIC dub of Sailor Moon or an American sitcom. Neither is a good thing.

Apologies for the blog shit.
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I have never seen an episode of anything related to Dragon Ball, Pokemon, Old Gundam, Big O, Inuyasha, FLCL, or Cowboy Bebop in japanese.
God bless Toonami and Adult Swim.
Yes, I watch 60/40 fansubs/English dubs. Also I buy the English dubs.
>watch dubs

Sometimes when I'm bored I like to laugh at how terrible the English voice acting is.
The only good dub.
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Have you accepted Jesus as your lord and savior?
I watch Cowboy Bebop dubbed
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This gets watched in my home every halloween!
>In this board
in /v/ or /s4s/ watch dubs?

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