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Finally got around to watching and holy shit,it was quite a nice ride.

Since I watched the bd release I didn't get to experience the quality of the initial releases.

I was really mad when Kagari died even if he didn't get much screentime.
What was /a/'s consensus on Makishima? I thought he was an ok antagonist.
What about Kogami?
Was Akane moe enough ?

I read s2 and a movie are confirmed. Any speculation on what they'll be about?
The movie might deal with Kogami and finish his role in the series and s2 might be about the new inspector and dealing with the sybil system but I really hope I'm wrong .
Would be better without that everyone's-a-biszonen.
It was good. S2 gonna be a direct sequel about new girl from the end of S1.

Makishima shaved Christmas.
>psycho pass
More like pretentious edgy garbage. Sage
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Makishima was my favorite character which is why I have mixed feelings about season 2/the movie. I'd give it my AOTY 2012. While it did have some silly shit in it I still enjoyed the ride more than anything else that year. The soundtrack was also fantastic which is a huge selling point to me. Kogami was a pretty ok main character but Akane was too much of a tool.
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Epic. Simply epic.
Do you think she'll snap in s2?
Was she really criminally asymptomatic or was it just her good nature?
I wish I could become an officer of the law and hunt down /a/nons for having loli porn. Their screams for mercy will be cut short with my glorious dominator.
shameress bump
Should I watch this?
Do you like sci-fi cop shows?

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