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What kind of nip trickery was this? Are they trying to turn me into a furry? Sneaker fuckers.

God damn was this well made. One of the very few romantic anime I've found that isn't
>set in high school
>harem/reverse harem

Anyways, just wanted to talk about this shit and maybe other romantic anime that don't contain any of the above.
>rec thread
back to /v/ fagget
>I'm new as fuck
actually, uhm, im from tumblr ;)
You can't even see she's not human.
Reminder that the butthurt /sp/ rec thread spammers are active at this hour, ignore when they spoonfeed themselves and keep on using sage.
Why would anybody post on /sp/ after the moderators arrived? Gone to shit now.
That makes no sense considering /a/ is probably the board that has the best relationship with its mods. Why would they come here?
A question OP. I wanted to start this anime for weeks now but I'm not sure if I want to considering that afaik it could use a 3rd season. So the question is: is s2's ending fine by itself or it is completely open/unsatisfying/cliffhanger?

Who are you quoting? Yourself, I'm assuming.
No, OP

A lot of people were dissatisfied with the ending and to be honest it could definitely do with a 3rd season but it isn't a terrible cliff-hanger or anything.

I was expecting much worse based on what I read but really it is a fine ending and the series is worth watching.
Cool, thanks. I guess I'll pick it up then.
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> /a/ is probably the board that has the best relationship with its mods.
>no harem shit
>no high school setting
well you just eliminated about 80% of all anime, add in robots and it's closer to 95%
Name another one, butthurt shitposter.

Kinomod is love.
Try REC. Short but sweet.
Unfortunately anime doesn't tend to do straight up romance, that's manga's domain.
Which sucks shit since its one of my favorite genres.
>Are they trying to turn me into a furry?
30% rule, dude.
Just ears and tail are not furry.
>furries actually believe this

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