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>[WhyNot] Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle S3 - 16 [98E97CB4].mkv
Phi brain thread.
According to WhyNot, shit happened this week.
>Oh man. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t see a twist coming, but I didn’t quite see that coming.
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Add a long ponytail and she's basically Kyouko. Super original character design.
shaft created the color red
So, Jin is the final boss. Those last few episodes were pretty good, i hope they keep it up.
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>not doing a Kaito stitch
Are you hetero?
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Grabbed from 2ch
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Thought as much. Doesn't change the facts though.
So Orpheus made a puzzle that makes him immortal by putting him inside of the bodies of talented people with the ring probable being a transmitter of some sort. To begin with they are probable just using part of his power when having a ring, so they literally get possessed by him the more they wear it and use it. And so he named it God's Puzzle, so there is a reason, even if it's a false one, for people to try to salve it and get all mighty, while it's just a puzzle for him to make himself an immortal God.

Something like that, I guess?
Every time she shows my dick has puzzle time.
Her ED should have been regular after it appeared.


Didn't expect "his dark side" tweest turning out this way.
Great music and choice for his fucking eyes.
First the ones when Ana goes to him and then the ones with sunset behind him.
I got some goosebumps.
Great episode.
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So since when is Orpheus a bad guy?
Since the first season i believe. In this show anyway.
I don't really remember them telling us anything about him. Wasn't it just the name of the ring up until this point?
Orpheus ring gave you uber-boost to your brain but at the same time it corrupted/contaminated it.
And then you had S2 with replica rings doing the same and basically controlling you. Like with Herbert.
And now in S3 you had "he was different person" shit when MOTHERFUCKING MAKATA JIN was missing that one year.
So even if it wasn't directly foreshadowed, they nicely tied it in and made it believable.
Oh, my bad. I mistaken him with count Pythagoras. Then yeah, we don't know much about him, except that those rings are named after him. Those rings were never exactly good thing though and as the other anon mentioned they are probably transmiters of sort to serve Orpheus. There is still lot of episodes left, so i guess they might explain stuff.
I hope you realize that Orpheus is a mythological persona and that there is a difference between the ring named by him and the person itself.
I know that.
But the most we had about Orpheus is that there were rings "named" after him.
Now we know that they probably are part of him.

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