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File: Athena QUALITY.jpg (271.29 KB, 1280x720)
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>Saint Seiya Omega is "killing" classic saints
>The fandom still doesn't give a shit about Omega
The saints have "died" so many times that nobody can really believe Ikki and Shiryu are dead for real. Killing fan-favorites like Shiryu and Ikki is just a cheap gimmick and it's receiving the apathy it deserves
The fandom kinda gave a shit when Ikki died but just for laughing at omega. Now nobody is laughing and the only tears are for boredom
File: 1335146880970.jpg (26.22 KB, 310x239)
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26.22 KB JPG
Oh noes, Ikki died.

We are NEVER going to see him again.

>Go to pixiv
>No fanart of Shiryu or Kiki saying goodbye
Not even japs are stupid enough for falling for this crap
>Saga, Shura and Camus whined a lot before using Athena exclamation because muh honor
>Shiryu and Kiki don't give a shit
Inb4 Mu, Milo and Aioria; it was 3 goldies vs 3 goldies and Athena exclamation is a forbidden technique because it's considered as dishonorable for 3 gold saints to concentrate all their strength in one attack against a single enemy
Actually, I'm fucking mad. The Omega power bullshit can easily kill 1st class Pallasite and an AE with 3 gold saints dying to do can't? Fuck this shit. The Omega power is really bullshit.
Omega takes every flaw from original SS but x1000. It's almost a self-parody
Nobody gives a shit when Ikki dies even in the canonical material. He doesn't stay dead, that's kind of THE WHOLE GODDAMN POINT of the guy who has "Phoenix" in his name.
File: ikki-vence-shakka.jpg (271.56 KB, 900x691)
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Say what you want about Saint Seiya but you can't deny the show really knows how to give you feels
File: saint_seiya_24.jpg (86.84 KB, 1280x1024)
86.84 KB
86.84 KB JPG
Classic Seiya had a lot of shitty episodes, but the really good, manly, bro-tier moments make up for it, that's why people loved this show.

Also, homolust.
>Original Japanese dialogue: God, I'm so beautiful
>Latino dub: Too bad I had to kill Seiya. He was a brave knight. If he just heard me, we could make great things together, nothing would stop us. I liked him
The latino dub changed Misty's monologue because it was too gay but they made it even worse
File: 1383967882252.jpg (16.31 KB, 467x332)
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16.31 KB JPG
>Too bad I had to kill Seiya. He was a brave knight. If he just heard me, we could make great things together, nothing would stop us. I liked him

Oh god I'm crying over here.Fucking spics.
It's good to know not only Americans take their liberties when translating stuff.

File: junini.gif (958.88 KB, 450x331)
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958.88 KB GIF
The latino dub was loyal to the source, except for some unfortunate misunderstandings

It was still a great dub though. The voice acting was top notch.
File: 1387415082644.png (29.46 KB, 175x119)
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29.46 KB PNG
Last time I wanted to watch the original series, I drowned in spic dubs. Never again.
File: varonil.jpg (49.05 KB, 718x500)
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>we could make great things together

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