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Serious question:
I had seen some writerfag threads and drawfag threads.
I see some potential in the talent of anons.
Also, I remember KS.
I think 4chin potential is quite unttapped.
So, now for the serious question.
Why /a/ hasn't produced his own light novel?
I predict there are even Japanese bros who can help to send it to some anime studio to pitch the idea on some contest.
After all SAO was done on the internet.
Not trolling.
Enforcing tasks.
Keeping deadlines.
Short attention span.
well, why not making some open source shit.
if works for software.
Oh but people tried, numerous times. All failed or are "on hold".
I think there is one or two LN people have mentioned they are working on. On the other hand there are several VN in development right now. I know /k/ is working on an /ak/ one about raifus, there is one generic sound one that an anon is working on that features an imouto, and there is a monmasu full patch that a few anons are working on.

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