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I'm on One Piece episode 48. When does it turn to shit so I can stop following the series?

I don't read manga so forget it
>don't read manga
10/10 made me reply
No point in watching it after the Thunder God arc, or at most Water 7, if you can even surviving watching that piece of shit arc.

To begin with, there is no reason to bother with such a high level pleb series (high level means only bad things in this case), but as we can see you are probable an KlKfag and certainly a waifuloliugukawaii piece of shit human scum, I guess it's the perfect series for you. But please, keep it to yourself or your anime forum.

Get out of /a/.
as expected of a nononfag
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>I only watch anime for real anime connaiseurs
You are making it pretty obvious you hate series because they are popular and that you are new as can be.
I don't like to use this too much but stop trying to fit in.
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>have watched times and times more anime and manga than most of the current /a/ users
>have been here for years and years more than most of the current /a/ user
>Y-You are trying too hard to fit in! F-Fucking hater! Y-You and your negative opinions!
Back to your anime forum, kid.

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