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So, this is happening.

Old news is so exciting.
Yes, unfortunately it is. I saw only parts of the trailer. I couldn't stomach the whole thing.

Hollywood shouldn't bother with adaptations of movies, anime, games, etc., from other countries unless they are going to do it "right".

So from what we have seen, they fail almost every time.

Hell, the Japanese can't even get their own live-action adaptations right anyway.
Guillermo del Taco is adapting Monster for HBO. That should be good.
is it going to include the completely unnessesary little girl rape scene?
>completely unnessesary little girl rape scene?
Sadly that's probably what got most of the people who watched the original interested in watching it.
But Sam Jackson is great with adaptations. Who doesn't love Spirit?
What do you think /a/? Did he fap for the porn scenes?
old news m8
Oldboy and Ichi the Killer are pretty good, though.
Not the murrikan remake.
Was that released already? I assume it's shit
ITT: faggots who WANT anime to become mainstream, so they are projecting their bullshit and trying to make everyone else as delusional as themselves.

Also this guy, this black man at the beggining, he simply seems like he have absolutely no idea about what he is talking about.
Anime is mainstream as it gets.

I've only seen the trailer but it looks shit.
>He read all of the graphic novels
Wait, what?

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