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I was walking down the street the other day, just minding my business. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something. I turned towards it to find my waifu. Yes, my waifu was walking along the same street as I.

I found this confounding, as she was a 2D character and not, supposedly, real. However, as I looked around me, something remarkable happened. The world was warping around me, things changing, until everything was 2D. I looked down at my outstretched hands to find that I, too, had transofmed into a blessed 2D being.

Elated, I sang out to my waifu, tears welling in my eyes and broke into a run as a surged towards here. She shrieked as I leaped upon her and kicked me square in my 2D balls. She then ran off into the distance, spouting something like "kimoi"
Nigga you trippin'
Drugs are bad for you.
What you saw was the light from another universe being projected into this one by a localized minuscule white hole allowing the light and sound from your waifu to appear as though it were a member of this world as it was projected from her world.

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