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>This manga referencing American reality show

Cmon. Everyone knows its fucking retarded.
Whale wars was low-tier even in trashy American "reality" shows. Couldn't they have referenced something better to stab at?
You're reading a manga where the guy shoves a paper bag on his head and practices what he deems is justice. I don't know what you were expecting.
File: 024.jpg (591.16 KB, 1121x1600)
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>we thought it was real


you forgot about super-hackers in steroids physically deforming and making iPhones explode remotely without any physical interaction.
The Japanese must be the most butthurt people on earth.
It's part of a PLOT TWIST
File: 1390129427201.jpg (650.54 KB, 1096x1600)
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you forgot this
Well, unlike American media Japan can't make fun of their own shit, they can't even say bad stuff about China/Korea, it's always "a certain country" in televised media.


Japanlost the war as soon as REAL POWER came around and freed the fuck out of them in their small playground
>we can tell it's fake but stupid Americans watching ate this up with a spoon

well this authors pretty mad at something
Can't say I am on the author side or anything, but that white bearded dude, based on a couple of episodes that I've watched so far, are the kind of people that is more than capable and willing to pull this kind of stunt off.
oh sure i will see american documentary about Haux Holocaust, oh wait they cant make bad stuff about jews.
just reality sadly
is he retarded too or is he a massive cunt calculating asshole?

People may believe it when they watch it since they are caught up in the show but should realize after or at least little research shouldn't they?

You can clearly tell how retarded the setting and show is, and if it really is eco-terrorism, it wouldnt even be on discovery channel. Thats outright illegal.
oh man I haven't watched that episode
both sides are wrong. japanese fishers fuck up biotopes and sea-shepherds waste or steal donation money and fool the viewers.

but taking sides here because one side is japanese is a pretty butthurt move and calling american audience stupid even more considering that japanese have fake reality shows and celebrity garbage running on their tv 24/7
japs seem to be really simple and one-track minded when it comes to issues that are slightly political
Cool. New manga to pick up. It's actually pretty good.
>when it comes to issues that are slightly political
or sexual.
or honor-related.
Whales are the true cause of the dying fish population. Japanese butthurt is probably from those comments on that nuclear disaster.

WWE, America reality tv, atheism, religion,
Japan too

the "stupid" Americans != all Americans

You're probably a butt hurt Australian
no its not
File: 1380397374958.gif (1.65 MB, 200x150)
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The author's insecurity and butthurt are on full display here I see.
File: 017.png (288.01 KB, 1110x1600)
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hackers on steroids making your iphone into a bomb wihtout any contact!
File: Yokokuhan_v02_p014.png (272.15 KB, 1147x1600)
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Why don't you try it on someone's phone too?

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