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Are there any romance animes out there that deal with more than just one couple? every one that I've seen has just a male protagonist who gets popular with a bunch of different girls and it's a fight over who is going to win. Is it too hard to ask for an anime that deals with other characters relationships besides all trying to go after one protagonist? Do those exist? the one I've seen closest to this was Nana in which case it actually managed to flesh out two different characters intimate relationships with different people. even though reddish hared Nana was a huge slut

pic not related
Boku no Pico
spice and wolf
I dunno go try watching some shoujo stuff or something
I've already seen that 3 times already. well mostly just the second episode because I like when the kids sister starts masturbating to them fucking in the living room
Eureka 7
You can thank me later, OP.
Also, don't watch AO.
really? is that any good? it's been in my back log for awhile so I might have to be moving it up.
Ef a tale of memories
you'll love it.
Yes but you must see both seasons, also clannad (afterstory)
well thank you anons i'll have to give them a watch.

I did really enjoy this one. I need to rewatch it sometime
Hatsukoi Limited
Golden Time

But don't watch it. It has one of the most rage inducing endings of all time. Seriously I don't usually get mad at shows and guy ending up with X girl ever but this one had me steaming for about an hour I was so pissed.
But I like Yuuta and Rikka's Relationship :(

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