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The first part is a Nnoitra flashback.

Kenpachi: Grab your sword now and take the woman back, your job is finished, from now on we will take care of them.

Ichigo: What are you saying! I have come all this way! I will …

Kenpachi: Who are you? You are a shinigami representative? Protecting your town is your job. Helping out that woman should satisfy you enough eh? If you understand, then go back now. And anyway you already had your fun, swinging that sword of yours around, haven’t you? Woman!! Heal my wounds!!

Inoue: Y..yes!

Stark appears before Inoue.

Ichigo and Kenpachi: !?

Stark: Sorry, I don’t normally do this kind of thing so let’s just say I’m borrowing you for a bit.

Ichigo and Kenpachi are ready to fight..dun dun dun!

Stark and Inoue disappear though.

Ichigo and Kenpachi: they disappeared…?

Scene changes to Aizen and Inoue stands before him.

Aizen: Welcome back Orihime, what’s wrong? You’re making an unhappy face? Smile, the sun has darkened, then everyone feels sad right? Just smile and wait here a little bit.

Behind Aizen, Gin and Tousen the town appears.

Aizen: Until we have destroyed Karakura town.

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