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Why is she such a best girl? Why is she not the main heroine/love interest?
She isn't. Because Asuna is so much better/
>Why is she such a best girl?
Miyuki Sawashiro.
Cause the yandere waifu Asuna took him first. Your only hope is One Ultimate Way which takes place post-Alicization.
Close, OP. Also, you know what you say: The early bird gets the worm.

...Unless, of course, said early bird dies, never presents herself as a choice, or is cockblocked by the sound of rushing wind.
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But that's wrong you fucking retard
I knew you would come.

Why do you like this slut so much?
>Trying to steal Asuna
>defeats Kirito

Good thing the bitch is dead.
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>Trying to steal Asuna
I see you missing the point here, she just "borrow" her and want to be "befriend" her. /u/ doesn't involve anything on this
>knew I would come
You have such faith in me.

I like her because she's a nice, competent, loyal girl who chased after her man and got him in a straightforward romance story. Much of my attitude towards the story and the harem is influenced by the order in which I took in SAO. Asuna is a nice girl. There is nothing particularly bad about her, and she won. She won hard. HARD. And by god, you are not going to take that away from me, no matter how many shitty harem tropes Kawahara tries to stuff in ex post facto. So next, you ask me, "If you had never read it in release order and if Kawahara had never had a winner from the get-go, would your opinion of best girl change?" My answer would be "maybe" but not necessarily.

Also, they're pretty cute together in the various side material.

The better question to ask me is whether or not I think she's a good character.
So, according to you, she's the best girl but that good of a character?
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tl;dr you have shit taste.
I do not heard Miyuki in the novel, and you?
I never claimed to have good taste.

I also don't think that SAO is very good.
But I heard her in the drama CD, the video games, an din the recent SAO S2 teaser trailer.
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Any readfag here? I want to ask question
I'm on vol. 09 and right now my inner Frodo rused hard. How the fuck Kirito know he's been accelerated a thousand time in Underworld?
Asuna just knowing about it in previous chapter and suddenly Kirito already figure it in the next chapter
Or did I misread something?
It was explained how he figured it out, you must have missed it.
Really? Oh, nothing wrong then
because best girl never be main heroine
Did you not read the like 10 page long monologue of Kirito going over the possibilities of his situation?
I did, he think of three possibilities and in the end he reach the conclusion that he trapped in another game VR game that RATH develop
But I think I missed the part when he realize that he's been accelerated in that game, or do I have to say environment, this isn't mothafuckin game
He realizes he has to be in the STL, because there's really no other option. He knows that time is accelerated in the STL, to what extent he is not certain. I don't remember him saying much about the acceleration until volume 10.

Also please work on your English.
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>Sinon as OP pic
This kind of SAO threads can only last for a few more months.

Enjoy it while it last until shitposters recognize who she is and what series she is from.
Step It Up, bro!

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