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File: Berserk_v13_c09_p177.jpg (272.29 KB, 726x1100)
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Why is there a spinoff about some muscle head wrastler and a loli in a land of niggers instead of a spinoff based on motherfucking Skull Knight?
It's not a spin off, it's a different manga.
It would be a copy of Berserk.

And they're still on the boat
Isn't it set after Berserk?
Never get out of the boat, absolutely god damn right. Unless you were going all the way.
I thought it was. I've heard people saying it.
Why is Skull knight such a bro?
Why is there less then 400 chapters of Berserk, one of the most praised manga ever, after 25 years?
It comes out monthly, has been slowing down in chapters each year, and now is on hiatus
Hasn't it gone on hiatus mulitpule times?I only read it last month.

And more so, I'm questioning why someone would drag something so acclaimed out for such a long time.

File: Berserk_v37c327p22.png (459.32 KB, 968x1400)
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459.32 KB PNG
Because Mangaka are very bad at writing since they write so they can get published not so they can tell a story.
Well Miura is so rich now he probably gives no fucks. How much money has he made off the berserk series I wonder?
Probably as much money as how many times Casca has been raped/nearly raped

That rich, huh?
Miura has created a huge story and Berserk always was rather slow.
Aside from 2 recent volumes I don't think Berserk drags. It's not like he makes shit up. Everything is important, there aren't any fillers.
Multiplied by what anon?
>Everything is important, there aren't any fillers.
This entire journey to fairy island is just so Guts can drop Casca off because Zod caused the fairy cave to crash. Everything since then has been a side-quest
File: Berserkinspiration.png (181.19 KB, 714x522)
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181.19 KB PNG
How many times has she been raped.
There was:
>When she was sold
>When she was on her period
>By Waid
>By apostles
>By Griffith
>By outcasts at the bonfire
>By Goat of the bonfire
>By old thieves
>By Guts

Anyone got any more.
I think Guts wouldn't mind just relaxing there for a bit, but he knows eventually Griffith will come for him and the Casca or something else will threaten the world and Guts is going to have to have to travel back to fight Griffith. My two questions are is Casca going to regain her sanity, and is Guts going to get Strong enough to actually fight Griffith. As of right now he is strong enough to kill any apostle under Griffith's control, but the Godhand seem to be on a whole other level.
Not a spinoff in the same sense.

It's supposedly set 100(?) million years in the future of the Berserk universe.
Complete outrage from fans that the story is incomplete and the fact that its still a big seller?

If Miura tried to end the story any earlier, it would be purely seen as a cop out.. no idea how he could even end the story at this point in time without making the entire journey irrelevant.
Do you have a source for this claim other than the mountain of tits?
File: scared moe.jpg (183.38 KB, 420x500)
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183.38 KB JPG
Berserk's story is only half-way done right? I don't even know how considering the only headway has been on Griffith's side and not Guts', Guts' quest is actually stalling while Griffith is ruler of whatever is left of Midland
Yeah, but you have to understand, Guts has nothing. Griffith was literally handed:
>An Army of Apostles
>An Aura which made everyone want his dick
>And the destiny to have it all

He should have it all by now everything since his rebirth has literally fallen into his hands, while Guts on the other hand has been fighting Causality itself just to stay alive. And honestly Guts and Co are almost to the Island so Guts is about to finish his mission to get to the elven paradise, the question is what is he doing to do once he gets there.
>the question is what is he doing to do once he gets there
Rip and tear
File: Guts.jpg (206.54 KB, 762x1100)
206.54 KB
206.54 KB JPG
What's he going to rip and tear? He's on a peaceful Island with elves and Magic users everywhere.
Guts finds a way
>Elven king is possessed from __insert evil__ that was caused by changes in the od.
>Engage guts rampage.
>Island burns.
>The group has to get on the boat again without anything changed.

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