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Seriously. Sick of reading things on like mangahere or whatever.
>downloading manga
Just download your shit from scanlators's site , cockgobbler.
>Streaming manga

I cheat a bit and use mangatraders for what I can since I follow a few hundred ongoing mangos.
>now that lurk is gone

Hasn't lurk been gone for a long time now?

I was just gonna say, it's been gone for over 2 years now. I do miss it though.
>downloading manga
>installing support-dropped bloatware just to read it
>having copyrighted material on your computer (encryption is a joke for the government/corporate lawyers)
>distribute copyrighted material via torrent just to get it
>spending the same time you would need to read a new chapter of something on searching for download source
>sucking up to /a/ like the little peer-pressured faggot that you are
mangatraders or directly from the subbers.
File: 1389144548377.jpg (29.20 KB, 180x282)
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>reading mango on a PC instead of an android tablet
>not just using Perfectviewer and needing nothing else
>torrenting instead of direct downloading from scanlators/mangatraders/etc
>torrenting manga at all
>implying it doesn't take just a few minutes to download multiple tanks even from places with shit bandwidth

Holy shit why do you even attempt to read manga if you insist on doing it so wrong?
Yeah. And nothing better has come along to replace it.
How can you be so old and yet so new
If you can download directly from the scanlators, otherwise use mangatraders.

As for the people who are asking why would you download manga, don't you ever think about how nothing is really eternal on internet? that there is no guaranty things will constantly get re-uploaded, that stuff could disappear? that you could not have internet as well sometimes.

I know from this logic nothing is safe, but I like to keep all the anime, movies, games, mango and stuff I dled on external hard drives as a way of collecting. Dunno it's like a stupid fear but I like the idea that I just possess them, and since I spent nearly all my time on these media, collecting them physically is completely out of the question, it would literally cost me a fortune and tons of room. I'v got about 30tb of shit on about 20~ external hard drives. Backed up my favorites of favorites.
I don't know if anyone feels the same way towards media.
I think you're in exactly the right place for this mentality.

While I do like to hoard shit, I actually do like reading on a dedicated viewer. Online readers suck.

I would find it a lot more plausible that I would lose/damage/whatever a hard drive than for every instance of a manga to vanish forever off the internet, or for the internet itself to disappear.

>Online readers suck.

A much more reasonable reason.
Personally I've got shit I'm sure only a dozen people have ever got their hands on. However, equally, few people would actually give a shit. I can't imagine even remotely popular shit would ever die out.

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